Sunday Stitch is changing!  Instead of being a weekly blog it is changing to a monthly blog with new ideas presented the third Sunday of each month.  I can’t believe it has been a year of weekly blog entries all ready.  Print the blogs and have them bound to use as a  quick reference guide on how to work with the tools and inspirational ideas suggesting how  you can get more creative with the EQStitch program.

Have you considered thread color as a digitizing element?  Simply applying color to the elements of a design can create a unique look.  Even with monochromatic designs you can get amazing results with your designs.

Open your EQStitch program  on the desktop to luanch it and start a new design on the embroidery worktable.

Change the size of the hoop area to be a 125 x 175 mm hoop (5 x 7 inch stitch field). Be sure to click the Ok in the box to set the new hoop size.

Create what ever shape you want as your repeat design element.  I have chosen a simple flower head design.

Clone the element several times with the clone tool on the properties bar.  Align the shapes in a row across the top of the hoop area.

Click on EDIT>Select All.

Now clone the row with the clone selected objects icon on the property bar a the top of the screen.

Click and drag the row of designs to be slightly below the first row.

Repeat the process 4 times to create 4 rows of designs.  Center the design on the hoop area.

Click on the stitch tab and select the set thread tool and color the rows from dark to light using the same color for each row only slightly lighter as you progress to the top of the design.

Click on the set edge stitch and set fill stitch tools and apply the stitch qualities of your choice to add more interest to the design.

Click on the simulate stitching tool and change the background color to be the color of your fabric.

Voila!  You have created an unique design by applying color to the repeated elements.

Imagine this as a  strata colored design on one side of a vest near the hemline, on a tote bag, along the bottom of a shower curtain or even on the hemline of some drapes.  There are so many possibilities for this simple design that can stitch up quickly for a digitized design unique to you.