There are a few different ways to make a round quilt in EQ7. Here is one.

Click Libraries > Layout Library > Basics by Style > Stars

Select the Stars – 19 layout.

Click Add to Sketchbook.

Close the Layout Library.

Click View Sketchbook > Quilts

Click Edit

Add blocks that you’ve drawn or from the Block Library and you can come up with some amazing results!

Click the Adjust tool

Click on the “empty” blocks and press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the blocks.

Turn off the grid

Click the Borders tab and delete the border.

Click the Layer 1 tab.

Right click with your mouse and uncheck Outline Patches and Outline Blocks.

Recolor as you wish.

This is a quick way to make a circle quilt. A more in depth version of this tip is available in EQ with Me: Quilt Design book. The book also includes some other ways to make a circle quilt (and lots more).

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