Each time you color a block and you click the Add to Sketchbook button, EQ7 will save a copy of that coloring to the Sketchbook. To save you from having to scroll through lots and lots of blocks in the Sketchbook, EQ7 will stack up to 10 colorings on the same block.

All blocks from the Block Library come with three colorings: line drawing, grayscale, and color

Select Colorings

When you are working with the Set Block tool on the Quilt Worktable, you can choose which block coloring to set in the quilt two different ways:

  1. Use the display arrows at the bottom of the Blocks palette to scroll through the colorings.

  2. Right-click on the block in the palette and choose Select Coloring.

    A menu will appear with all of the block colorings. Click on the coloring you’d like to use.

    The coloring will then be displayed in the palette and ready to set in the quilt.

Split Colorings

If you have several colorings of a block, you can split the group of colorings to make it easier to find the block you’re looking for.

Right-click on the block in the palette and choose Select Coloring. Click the coloring of the block where you want to split the colorings. The coloring you select will be at the bottom of the stack of the new group that is created.

Right-click and choose Split Colorings.

The last colored version will pop below the first group of colorings in the palette.

Right-click on the new group of block colorings and choose Select Coloring. Notice the coloring you chose before splitting the colorings is now the first colored block in the stack (after the line drawing). In the example below, I’ve split the block into the original Block Library colorings, and the new colorings I’ve done in fabric.

Don’t Stack My Colorings!

If you’d prefer to have a separate block for each coloring you create, you can change that setting in the Preferences. Click FILE > Preferences. In the Preferences window, click General on the left. Next to Maximum number of colorings per block, type 1 (or whatever number you prefer between 1-10). Click OK.