Every month, we send out several free project downloads to a certain group of people.

Want in?

Here’s what we’re sending out this month. You like? :lol:

Adrienne Q

Judy Best

Barb Vlack

Lucy Garvin

Terri Nice

Patti Stevens

Get these project downloads!

Join in on the fun with Barb Vlack and other EQ users who design quilts for Barb’s monthly challenge! If you submit a quilt that meets the guidelines, you’ll get everyone’s project files at the end! It’s called ClubEQ.

What is ClubEQ?

ClubEQ is a free club any EQ user can join, simply by using EQ to design a quilt. Club leader, Barb Vlack, presents monthly challenges. Those EQ users who join the challenge (and the fun) send in a project file. These projects are displayed together on the Web. Participants receive projects from all the other challenge participants that month. So send in one project file, and receive many more in return! No sewing necessary!

How do you send in your project file? Easy: there’s a form on the right side of the page here. (The challenge rules and instructions for submitting are there too.)

April’s ClubEQ Challenge:

Design a quilt using only a stars layout (from the Layout Library in EQ7).

Click here to visit the ClubEQ page. There, you’ll see all the submissions we’ve received thus far for April. Visit DoYouEQ.com every month to see what the new challenge is! Or, sign up for emails – we’ll remind you!

*Note: Since almost all participants use EQ7, those using EQ6 will have their submissions displayed on the website, but will not receive many projects to download after the challenge is over. EQ7 files cannot be opened in EQ6.