We are limited by our own thoughts.  No one person has all the ideas or answers.  Brainstorming with others who share a passion in common opens up all new ideas for individuals.  I love it when I teach a class and the students are full of questions.  It is great to have them so engaged in the subject matter.  I also love speaking with other educators and hearing how they present topics and spread the news of new ideas and concepts that evolve to a higher level of personal experience.

The EQAcademy in Ohio was this weekend.  We shared ideas and had great laughs.  My head is spinning with ideas as to how to use the EQStitch program even more in the future.  For a little program that is considered an entry level digitizing program it sure can accomplish so much.  All it takes is imagination and understanding how to use the digitizing tools.  But simple can be better and really effective.  It just takes a little brainstorming!