One color designs are my favorite to stitch at the machine.  With no constant thread changes  it can make for a quick design to stitch.  But sometimes I am not happy with the results.  If all of the design is stitched with one stitch type only it can look flat and uninteresting.

When digitizing designs with your EQStitch program you can add more depth and interest by varying your stitch type.  Remember to use the properties bar at the top of the screen to change the stitch width, density, and direction.  Remove underlay stitches for a more open stitch look when possible.  Mix up various stitches in one design so your eye moves from element to element when viewing.  This is much more interesting than a single type of stitch through out the entire design.

Since the one color design stitches continuously from segment to segment try to avoid jump stitches where possible.  Consider changing the start/stop point for the segments of the design so jump stitches are reduced.  If your machine does not clip jump stitches, be sure to watch the machine carefully so the foot of the embroidery machine does not get caught on long jumps.

This cute little penguin is one of the designs we will be creating in the EQStitch class at EQAcademy.  Looking forward to seeing some of you there!