How do I print English paper piecing templates?
You can print a whole sheet of English paper piecing templates from any of the One Patch quilt layouts.

Start with a one patch quilt on the Quilt Worktable. Hexagons are the first shape to come to mind when you think of english paper piecing, but have you seen the Cobblestone layout available in EQ7? Octagons + squares = super cute!

  1. Click the Select tool .
  2. Click one of the patches to select it.
  3. Click Print > Block.
  4. Leave the size as Use size from quilt.
  5. Choose the style Outline drawing.
  6. Click the Options tab.
  7. Check Print as many as fit (leave other options unchecked).
  8. Click Preview and you’ll see a sheet of repeated templates for English paper piecing.
  9. Click Print. If your layout has more than one shape (like the Cobblestones layout), repeat the steps above for the other shape.