We’ve been introducing each of our EQ Academy teachers here on the blog in anticipation of our first 2016 workshop coming up in April. You’ve met Christa Watson and Yvonne Menear. Now it’s time to get to know our good friend Mary Ellen Kranz a little better!

Mary Ellen has sewn and quilted since childhood. She found her career path in computers but continued to pursue quiltmaking. Twenty years of experience teaching computer technologies provided her with an understanding of how PCs, printers, scanners and digital cameras could blend together in the process of creating fiber art.

As a quiltmaker, teacher and author, Mary Ellen Kranz shares her knowledge of how to combine quilting, digital photography, and computer software with quiltmakers across the country. Her quilts appear in shows and galleries and reflect a broad range of quiltmaking skills and techniques.

Patten Pond, Quilt: Mary Ellen Kranz, Quilting: Cheryl Hayes

Mary Ellen’s classes provide an opportunity to learn EQ7 under the guidance of a creative and patient teacher. Here’s what a few of Mary Ellen’s students had to say in their class evaluations from last year’s EQ Academy:

“This was an exceptional experience. The instruction was clear, fun, and very practical.”

“I’ve learned so much and appreciate the opportunity to come to EQ Academy. Thank you!”

“Awesome! You met/exceeded all my expectations by 100%! Thank you.”

Julia’s Quilt, Quilt: Mary Ellen Kranz, Quilting: Linda Wightman

Mary Ellen was the featured guest of Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts on HGTV. Her articles Joyful Image Quilts, Julia’s Quilt and Window Box have appeared in popular magazines. Mary Ellen and Cheryl Hayes are co-authors of Blending Photos with Fabric: A Beautiful New Way to Combine Photography, Printing, and Quiltmaking published by The Electric Quilt Company. Mary Ellen’s book, Blending Photos with Fabric 2, published by The Electric Quilt Company, contains the information and techniques about digital photography and printing geared especially to quiltmakers.

Mary Ellen will be teaching at both EQ Academy locations this year:

EQ7: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning with Mary Ellen Kranz, Perrysburg, OH, April 21-23 (Hurry! Only one seat left in this class!)

EQ7: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning with Mary Ellen Kranz, Denver, CO, September 8-10