The first of our two 2016 EQ Academy events is coming up in April in Perrysburg, Ohio and we’re introducing each of our teachers here on the blog. A few days ago, we featured Christa Watson. Now it’s time to get to know Yvonne Menear!

We’re happy to have Yvonne joining us for the second time as the EQStitch instructor at EQ Academy. She literally wrote the book on EQStitch and was our #1 beta tester during the development of the embroidery plug-in for EQ7! Yvonne is a familiar face here on the blog with her weekly Sunday Stitch posts that share lots of great EQStitch tips and inspiration. She’s also the moderator of the EQStitch Yahoo Group and has a very busy teaching schedule that includes in-person classes and retreats, as well as online classes at EQ University.

Yvonne says:

“When I was a little girl, my teenage babysitter took a couple pieces of scrap fabric and hand stitched a ball gown for a Barbie doll. I was fascinated watching her. I thought, “I can do that!” Piecing fabrics together to create something else made perfect sense to me. It was like creating a picture with puzzle pieces. I was off and running with my sewing from that day forward.

 Whole Cloth Embroidery Quilt by Yvonne Menear

In the 80′s, embroidery machines were showing up on the market and I had to have one. I could do all kinds of decorative designs on my jean jackets and on pillows and quilts for the home. Of course, my computerized machine led me down a path of discovery of software programs that could expand my use of the machine.

I can’t draw, but the software came with designs that I could trace and edit. That was great!! I started using EQ4 after trying other programs and was not satisfied with their quilt design process. EQ gave me everything I needed and more. Of course, over the years the program has developed more and more to include more drawing tools, image input, and more add on packages like quilt stencils.

Wool Felt Applique Quilt by Yvonne Menear

When I was asked to help with the beta testing for the EQStitch program I was thrilled. I had been teaching digitizing for many years with other embroidery programs but to have the ability to create quilts, blocks, and embroidery designs all in one program was a great bonus. I was so happy when the company chose me to continue developing the EQStitch program with new add-on stitch files and to have input into further development of the tools in the EQStitch program.

One of the designs from Yvonne’s String Art Embroidery Designs Collection

Congratulations to the EQ company on their 25th year celebration.  I look forward to working with the company in the future.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  I am sure it will be amazing!”

Yvonne will be teaching at both EQ Academy locations this year:

Create and Digitize in EQStitch with Yvonne Menear, Perrysburg, OH, April 21-23

Create and Digitize in EQStitch with Yvonne Menear, Denver, CO, September 8-10

Or you can check out one of Yvonne’s EQ University classes anytime!