Today I’d like to introduce you to our last (but definitely not least!) EQ Academy teacher, Barb Vlack! Barb has been a part of the EQ family almost as long as Dean & Penny! If you’ve ever participated in one of our monthly Club EQ challenges, you’ll recognize Barb as the club leader who has inspired EQ users worldwide to learn more about the software for more than 20 years.

Barb has been a user of the Electric Quilt software since version 1 was introduced in 1991 and has helped in the development of several versions of EQ as a beta tester and as a “Can-you-do-this?” idea person. She has authored three books published by The Electric Quilt Company: Too Much Fun! (1997), EQ4 Magic (1999), and EQ5 Quilt Design (2003). She also contributed to the EQ with Me: Quilt Design book.

For Heroes by Barb Vlack, Designed for ClubEQ challenge, June, 2015
Blowing in the Wind by Barb Vlack, Designed for the ClubEQ challenge, December, 2011

Barb is a freelance educator who travels around the country to teach for quilt guilds, shops, and conferences. She is known internationally for her expertise with EQ through her tech support offered through the EQ website and some mail lists specializing in EQ software support. She designs all of her quilts and their labels in EQ. She claims she dreams in EQ7. She has a master’s degree from Northwestern University in the field of speech pathology. It was during her graduate school education that she was introduced to using a computer, and she credits her late husband, Dave, for his encouragement for her computer skill development. She lives in a western suburb of Chicago.

Barb will be teaching at both EQ Academy locations this year:

EQ7 for the Confident Beginner – Beyond the Basics with Barb Vlack, Perrysburg, OH, April 21-23 (Sorry! This class is FULL)

EQ7 for the Confident Beginner – Beyond the Basics with Barb Vlack, Denver, CO, September 8-10