Modern Love Mug Rug 1 by Pamela B.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend :lol:

Here’s a free project download from EQ user, Pamela B. of!

Pamela was nice enough to tell us about this project.

Where did the idea come from?

“I created the first Modern Love Mug Rug in 2015 for an exchange between members of the team I belong to on Etsy – Quiltsy Team. My swap partner didn’t have any preferences, so I decided to create a fun valentine’s day project for her. I had just finished a snowball table runner and had a nice stash of small red and white triangles left from that, so sewed them together and started to design.

Designing in EQ7:

The Modern Love Mug rug was a quick and easy little project in EQ7. I knew I had a dozen little triangles to work with, so I just set the layout tab for a quilt of 3 horizontal rows with 4 vertical columns. I knew there was a simple triangle block in the library, so I added that into my sketchbook and used the set block tool with the control key to fill all the boxes. I wanted a variety of red fabrics, so I headed for the fabric library to find some nice ones to add to my sketchbook as well, then colored all of my blocks.  I had an idea that I wanted to make a heart, so I used the rotate block tool to turn the triangles until I had a layout that I liked. After that it was easy to go to the machine and sew the project up.

Finished Product:

The recipient of my little project loved it! I also entered my pictures of the mug rug in a contest on Craftsy where it was runner up, so that was exciting as well! At that point I thought I was finished with the idea and forgot about it until a couple weeks ago.

Modern Love Mug Rug 2 by Pamela B. Making Changes:

This year, I made a shop sample for my local quilt shop, a red, pink and white quilt that left me with a large stack of red and white triangles in a smaller size. Even though they were pretty small, I thought it would be fun to use these triangles in a project. Since I already had the basic project designed in EQ7 it was an easy matter to change the size of the blocks in the layout tab to see how large my project would be. Since it would only measure 3 3/4 by 5, I decided to add a borders. I went to the border tab, inserted a border (since I had already had a 1/4 inch border in place to represent the binding) and made sure it was the size I wanted – 1 inch. This brought my project up the size I wanted, so I was  able to get to sewing with the confidence that my mug rug would be a good size! I love the way EQ7 makes the math so quick and easy, and accurate. I would be embarrassed to admit how many times I have used EQ7 just to look up the size to cut a setting triangle or border!” -Pamela B. of Pamelaquilts

Thanks Pamela!

To download her free project, click here: Modern Love Mug Rug by Pamela B.

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