Did you know that EQ7 (and EQStitch) have photo filters available?

Click the Image Worktable Tool at the top of your screen.

Then, click the Import Image Tool  .
Navigate to the image you’d like to import.

Click “Image” at the top of your screen to see the Image menu options.

Now, have fun experimenting! There are so many different looks you can accomplish! Here are just a few examples. (Click on any of the photos below to see them larger.)

The original photo Image Filter – Directional Symmetry – Circular
Effects – Oil Painting Effects – Mosaic Effects – Puzzle
Effects – Radial Blur Effects – Polar Color – Create Colorway
Color – Color Accent Color – Colorize Color – Colorize

In addition, you can crop, adjust your photos (brightness, contrast, etc.), rotate, resize and more right in the program as well.

For more information on the Image Worktable check out the lessons in the Help section.

Or, here is a great video from Electric Quilt on Quilting Arts that talks about the Image Worktable.

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