Personalize a very special snowflake design using the freehand drawing tool in EQStitch.  This design stitches very fast and would make a great design to stitch on a kids napkin for your Christmas Holiday meal.

Open your EQStitch program and set the preferences back to the default settings.

Click  on the ‘work on stitching’ worktable

Click on the patch fill icon on the properties bar at the top of the screen to turn it off.

Click on the drawing board options and  set the embroidery edge stitch to a bean stitch, and set the embroidery fill stitch to a no fill option.

Click on the freehand drawing tool and click/hold/drag/release the mouse while you write your name with cursive handwriting.

Click on the name with the pick tool and rotate it so it is vertical on the page.

Click on the ‘clone selected segments’ icon    to make a copy of the name.

Use the ‘flip tools’ to change the orientation to be the exact opposit of the first name.

Move the two names close to each other and have them align on the center  vertical line.

Click on the ‘wreath maker’ icon on the properties bar.

Set the number of elements to 5 and change the spacing to 75 percent.  Be sure to click the OK.

NOTE:  Your wreath maker settings may be different from mine depending on the name you wrote.

Add some shapes to the center if you want to fill the area with the shape tools of your choice.

Voila!!  You now have a snowflake drawing using the name.

Click on the stitch tab and color the design elements with the ‘set thread’tool.

Add the design to the sketchbook.