Every once in awhile The Electric Quilt Company will release “updates” or “new builds” for its programs.

If you are getting a message to update when you open EQ7, it is trying to alert you that a newer build of the program is available (for free). A new build or update usually contains enhancements to current features and behind the scenes fixes to make your software run more smoothly. EQ7 (Mac and PC) and EQStitch are currently on Build 3. You can see the differences between EQ7 Build 1 and Build 2 here, and Build 2 and Build 3 here.

You don’t need to update right away, these updates will always be available for download from our website, so just pick a time that is convenient for you.

To see what build you are currently on, open EQ7 then click Help > About EQ…

EQ will show you what build you have.

If you do not have Build 3, you can update now.

Update your EQ7 for PC
Update your EQ7 for Mac
Update your EQStitch

For PCs: On Step 2 of the Update page, make sure you select the build you CURRENTLY HAVE, not the build you are trying to download. So in the example above, it shows that I have Build 2, so I should select Build 2 from the drop-down.

Also, for EQ7 for PC, if you have Build 1 you will need to update to Build 2 first, then to Build 3. You cannot go directly from Build 1 to Build 3. For EQStitch you can go directly from Build 1 to Build 3.

Please note: The updates/new builds are different than an upgrade (like from EQ6 to EQ7) which has many more new features and substantial differences.  For example, see what was added to EQ7 since EQ6.

If you have any questions, please contact tech support or call 419-352-1134.