The HoopSisters are doing a Mystery Quilt!

Here is a little info:

The Mystery Quilt is only available as a set in the month of June. You can purchase the Mystery Quilt and you’ll receive a new set of files each week for the next six weeks. You’ll have no idea what the final layout looks like until the final week! HoopSisters will give you Electric Quilt files in their weekly downloads so you can see more of the quilt revealed each week!

There is also an “All Access Pass” Giveaway where one lucky winner get Mystery Quilt for FREE. The winner will be announced May 20th. (There will be some other giveaways along the way too, including an EQ7!)

You can fill out a “Be A Mystery Quilter” form to start receiving special Mystery Quilt news and offers.

You can download the FAQ document that will help answer questions about how Mystery Quilt works.

There is also a Mystery Quilt Blog that they will be releasing information on.

Here are some dates to remember:

Today: You can check out the “2014 Mystery Quilt Basic” which is an EQ file showing the most basic layout of the background.

April 15th: Mystery Quilt Detective’s Kit will be available. It includes FAQ (and answers), Fabric & Thread Key, Electric Quilt Basic Layout files and our blank cross-word puzzle in the download. 

May 20th: All Access Pass Winner will be announced!

June 1st: The 2014 Mystery Quilt will be available to purchase!

The 100th person to purchase the Mystery Quilt will win an EQ7!

Good luck to everyone and have fun!