We are happy to announce the release of the EQ7 Migration Kit. This kit is for existing EQ7 PC owners to migrate to Mac.

EQ7 Migration Kit Who it’s for

The EQ7 Migration Kit is only for owners of Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) software. Regardless if you have the full version of EQ7, EQ7 Upgrade, or EQStitch, you are still eligible for the Migration Kit.

How it works

With the purchase of the EQ7 Migration Kit, you will receive a link to download the appropriate files to install and run EQ7 on your Mac. Since you are required to own EQ7, you will not receive a license ID or password with your purchase. You must use the numbers that came with your original purchase of EQ7.

Once you’ve purchased the migration kit, you will be able to use EQ7 on a PC and Mac. If you are currently running EQ7 on two PCs, you’ll need to deactivate one of them in order to activate EQ7 on your Mac. You can have EQ7 activated on two computers simultaneously. Activations can be easily transferred between computers.

Don’t own EQ7 yet?

Our next step is to release the full version of EQ7 for Mac for those who do not currently own EQ7 (PC). This release is set for sometime in April. Thank you for your patience.