This is a special bonus post for the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series Sew Along! If you’d like a little extra practice with the EasyDraw Worktable, here are a few variations to try. I’ll give you some hints on how to draw these blocks, but I won’t be writing out step-by-step instructions because I’d like you to give your new drawing skills a workout.

For each of these blocks, start with the original Lesson 1 Block on the Block Worktable (open the Sketchbook > click Block 1 to select it > click Edit). Simply add or subtract lines to make the variation block. Make sure to Add to Sketchbook  after you’ve completed each variation.

Click here to download the Mini Lesson PDF file.

Use the Line tool  to draw an on-point square.

Use the Pick tool  to delete all the lines inside the on-point square.

Use the Pick tool  to delete all the lines except for the small half-square triangles.

Use the Line tool  to draw a vertical line and a horizontal line at the 6” mark.

Add more half-square triangles to the edges of the block by drawing the lines illustrated below.

Use the Line tool  to draw the horizontal and vertical lines illustrated below.

Draw lines to create the “geese” flying out from the center of the block.

Come back on May 31 for the Block 1 Link Up!