Have you played with the Photo Symmetry options on the EQ7 Image Worktable? Warning: It’s addictive! You can take an ordinary photo and make some amazing images, all within EQ7.

Here’s a photo I took recently at the local pumpkin patch. Nothing particularly exciting about this photo, but it does have some nice colors.

I imported my image into EQ7 and edited it to the Image Worktable. Then I clicked IMAGE > Apply Symmetries > Circular.

Now the fun begins!

In the Circular Symmetries dialog box there are many options to choose from, which means you can get lots and lots of cool images, all from the same photo. Hexagons are a popular shape now, so I’m going to choose Isosceles Triangle as my petal shape, and 6 as my number of petals.

In the Circular Symmetries dialog box I can drag the petal shape around on my photo and the image on the worktable will automatically update with my newly created image.

I can also change the size and rotation of the petal.

When I find an image I like, I click the Add to Sketchbook button to save it. Now I can print these images onto printable fabric (like EQ Printables!) and sew them into a project.

Try it out for yourself and see how easy it is to fill up your Sketchbook with some really amazing images! Wouldn’t this make a lovely tablerunner for your Thanksgiving feast?