Not too long ago we got a phone call from Sherry, the editor of the very first Irish quilt magazine! She was pioneering the magazine and wanted to know if we might want to contribute a quilt project. Better yet, Sherry told us the contributed quilts were going to photograph the quilts in Ireland natural settings. Stunning! We were so delighted to get to be a part of the magazine’s debut so of course we participated.

We had a beautiful 24″ x 24″, purple and green that incorporated photos of a fern plant printed onto our EQ printable fabrics (you might remember this quilt from previous blog posts in June and July ). We called it the Fern Quilt. It seemed to be the perfect colors and theme for Ireland’s landscape and we couldn’t wait to see the photos.

We got to meet Sherry in Houston and she told us that the Fern Quilt was an overall favorite! The magazine finally arrived here at the office and we got to see how nicely done it was. We were so impressed with the new magazine, its layout, the quality, and the photographs….UH! The Photographs are enough to get a subscription! It was just too cool seeing the Fern Quilt photographed with the Molly Malone statue. Their website is still under construction, but the home page is pretty.

We look forward to watching this magazine grow in Ireland and hopefully getting the word out about EQ over there!

Cheers! :)