EQ6 D. Kathy Willis who lives just North of Houston, made it through three weeks without electricity following Hurricane Ike. What bothered her most? Was it losing a beautiful shade tree, or all the food in her freezer, or going without lights and air conditioning in Houston’s heat? Nope. Kathy surprised us by writing:

“You’ll laugh when you learn that throughout the ordeal, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to participate in your monthly Club EQ Challenge. (Gotta participate to get the files!) Each time our son was able to get through to us (the land line was out and the cell phones worked sporadically), he’d let me know whether Barb had posted a new topic. I’d breathe a sigh of relief every time he told me “Postcards” was still the current challenge, and then he’d rib me about my priorities. He got so used to checking your site that after our power was restored, he called and said “Quick, Mom. There’s a new challenge and you have to design TWO quilts!” That little jokester… “

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