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EQStitch Sunday Stitch #10

Wow! 10 weeks of Sunday Stitch all ready!  My goodness the time is really going by fast. Time is the number one commodity I can never quite get a grasp on.  It seems like I am always rushing to get things accomplished.  Somedays, I think I have a moment of brillance hit me but I don’t have time to develop it right then.  So here is a little tip I will share with you  if you have the same problem of time getting away from you. I have a project file I created called ‘practice folder’.  I set it up in my EQStitch and then when an idea hits me, I quickly try to work out a simple design with the idea I have and place it in the sketchbook in my ‘practice folder’ project file.  This way I can go back and open the sketchbook and look at what I was thinking about later when I have some more time to develop the idea into a complete project.  This is the same project folder I use when a student asks a question about a design they are having trouble with.  I open my practice project  and see if I…

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Make Your Own Coloring Pages with EQ7!

Coloring books for adults have become super popular recently. It’s a great way to relax! Did you know that you can easily create your own coloring pages with EQ7? You can make your own coloring pages from both the Block and Quilt Worktables. Grab some blocks from the Block Library that you’d like to color, then edit one of the blocks to the Block Worktable: Click Print > Block. In the Print Block dialog box, type in a size for your coloring block (8″ x 8″ usually works well for 8.5″ x 11″ letter size paper, depending on your printer’s allowable margins). Then, under Printing Style, choose Outline drawing. Click the Preview button to see what your coloring page will look like. And there’s the coloring page! Click the Print button. It’s just as easy from the Quilt Worktable! With the quilt displayed on the worktable: Click Print > Quilt. In the Print Quilt dialog box, under Printing Style, choose Outline Drawing. You can also uncheck Print name and Print overall size, if you’d prefer those details not be included in the printout. Click the Preview button. And there’s the quilt coloring page! Click the Print button. Instant coloring stress-relief,…

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