This is a picture of a quilt my daughter asked for took me for ever to get it drew and color sorted with colors she had chosen plus eq file but it is an     EQ7 file

My name is Diane have been quilting for maybe the last 5 years.everything I have made so far gets given away …lol..
I am 56 years young,love sewing and making things.
I never made my own girls a quilt so this year I told them let me know something you want and I will try and make it .This is a quilt my one daughter said wanted was a geometric squares.I never thought I would get it drew let alone sew it with all the colors and 45 degree angels???I do not know what to call it but angles anyway.She kind showed me a picture close but don’t think I got it all that great but showed when I got done trying to draw and color then showed her she picked fabric I went from there.

Hope I did not bore anyone  but this is my love and passion..Thank you for looking at my project.