My eldest son came to me and said “mom don’t freak out, but I want to go into the military (Navy). So I did what all moms do after being told to not freak out: I “freaked out.” But after a bit I became ok with it.

Boot camp was heck on this mom. One day after his deployment to Bahrain ( where he still is) I was creating and thought “how can I deal with my kid being gone over seas??” I came up with my Purple Heart quilt to honor our vets. And YES it has helped, cause I now have 4 kids in the Militar: 1 Navy, 3 Army!! Thank you for your sacrifices kids, mom loves you!!
This is now a copyrighted design and I am having it in the SLC HMQS this May 2012.

I have made several and have handed them out to other PH recipients….