A neat lady in Michigan, Donna Galoit, bought my #8768 ‘Patience’ quilt from the ‘Quilts for Sale’ page on the AAQI site: http://www.alzquilts.org/8768.html.  She sent me an email to tell me she bought it; this is noteworthy because of the 32 quilts of mine that have sold on the  http://www.alzquilts.org/index.html  website, she’s one of only three buyers that have contacted me to let me know where my quilt found a home.


A month or so later, she emailed again, asking if I might want to make another small quilt for her based on the old sign “Plan Ahead” with the ‘d’ tacked on any which way.  I sent her pictures of four EQ designs, she chose one, and we were in business.  The quilt, a gift for her sister, was modified to reflect her sister’s favorite font and color.  The label on the back was also made with EQ; it says “… or you’ll run out of yarn!”  At binding time, I decided the muted colors needed a jolt so I added a narrow fabric tuck of red.  So Donna got a specific quilt design, I got the fun of making the quilt, her knitting sister got a gift quilt, and a generous donation was sent to the AAQI: smiles all around.