The little quilt shown was made for the woman who rescues abandoned dogs in central Florida and finds homes for them.  “Houndhaven” is a wonderful organization and I help them  by sewing things that are needed for the dogs.  I have made cloth capes for the dogs–which say “ADOPT ME”– the dogs wear them when taken to public places — Petsmart allows her to bring her dogs to that facility to try to find good homes for the dogs. Fiinding a ‘forever home’  for every dog is their goal.  My husband and I adopted our dog from houndhaven about 3 years ago and he has been a wonderful addition to our home. I have also made other quilts for Houndhaven to auction at their fundraising activities.

The center panel of this quilt is only 12 inches across. The houses were paper pieced using bright colored batik fabrics. The houses were outlined quilted  and a small heart  was outlined in each doorway.  The lettering and the dog were embroidered with my embroidery machine. I love to quilt, and I feel that by donating my work to charitable organizations, such as this one, perhaps I can actually help someone else.