I have recently completed an Easter banner for my church I would like to share in the gallery.  This project came about because I was asked and I gladly accepted the challenge of designing and creating a banner that will hang on the lectern on Easter Sunday.  I used EQ7 to design it, which made the process fun and easy.  I used a fusible grid to lay the background squares like a puzzle, then sewed along each row with ¼” seam allowance.  (Of course, one could piece the traditional way, but I found the fusible grid to be more precise and resulted in perfectly matched points.)  The pattern pieces printed from the EQ7 program made an easy job of creating the curved golden blocks!  The final step was to applique the interwoven cross on top of the foundation before quilting and binding.  You will notice the cross is lighter in the center and darker on the edges.  That’s because I used a graduated purple fabric that gradually changes from pink in the center to purple on the edges.  The colors on the banner symbolize the glory (golden/light yellow) of Easter morning fading the sorrow (purple) of the cross.