This quilt was done in 2009 for “The Gridded Art Quilt” challenge on “The Quilt Show” website. The challenge came out in March of 2009 while we were vacationing in Fairbanks, Alaska. That same evening I sat down in our hotel room and designed this quilt using EQ6. My inspiration for the light within an igloo came from the cover picture on the book “Aurora Borealis A Photo Memory” – the photo was by Nori Sakamoto. The next day we went to the “Northern Threads” quilt store in Fairbanks and bought the material. When we returned to Florida I promptly forgot about it as I worked on other projects. Two weeks before the deadline I realized that the time was upon me so I took out the fabric and found that I didn’t have nearly enough to do the quilt in the 1 ½ or 2 inch grid that I envisioned so it ended up being on a 1″ grid. The overall quilt is 22″ x 22″. I had never done such small stars as the ones in the border (they are 2″). I loved Alaska and this is a great reminder of my first visit there and it actually won the challenge!