I wanted to share with you that I finally did it. I made my very first quilt.

I have not sewn for more than 10 years, but just had to try EQ6. It made it look easy, and I have always been fascinated by quilts I made it for my son, Matt, when he was moving out on his own. I wanted him to have something from home. I was getting frustrated when it didn’t line up correctly, and Matt’s words of support help me decide on the name. He gave me a hug, told me it didn’t have to be perfect, all he cared about was that I made it for him. He said nothing was ever perfect. I realized he was right, not all of our choices were perfect the first time around. We just learn from them & hopefully gain more wisdom as life goes on.

I would like to give credit to Marie Lucier of Mt Vernon WA who pieced the quilt together for me & offers quilting services from her home. She kept encouraging me to continue and not give up; offering her assistance when I would get stuck. I would not have finished without her help and words of wisdom.

I am looking forward to creating new projects with EQ6 for the rest of my family.