I wanted to send you one of my newest quilts that I made with EQ7.  (Actually, I don’t think I could make a quilt anymore without EQ!).  Here’s the story behind it.

I started Celtic Flower last May during a holiday.  I wanted a project that I could put on my quilting frame quickly.  I had a project file for celtic designs so I decided to use some of those designs to make a wholecloth quilt.  I designed the quilt in a day and then printed out all the designs for tracing onto the wholecloth.  After tracing all the patterns onto the wholecloth, I decided to try shadow trapunto on the center motif and on the flowers in the inner border (from EQ Quilting Designs…).  As always happens, after I did the shadow trapunto, I decided to trapunto the rest of the design motifs.  All in all, it took me months to trim all the trapunto and a couple of months to quilt on the longarm.  The quilt measures 80″ x 88″.