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    Confessions of an Electric Quilt Novice: McCall’s Quilting Explores EQ7

    Still unsure about upgrading to EQ7? Senior editor Kathy Patterson writes a fun and informative review of her personal experience in jumping back into EQ. Kathy had dabbled in EQ5 and EQ6 but was left unenthused until she explored EQ7! Kathy says, “I was having fun, feeling confident, I was in love!” Pick up a copy of McCall’s Quilting Jan/Feb 2011 issue to read the full 3 page EQ7 exploration!

  • AQR 75 EQ reprint .indd

    Electric Quilt: A unique story of the past, present and future by Mimi Shimp

    Mimi Shimp of American Quilt Retailer tells the story of The Electric Quilt Company. This article was taken from American Quilt Retailer, Vol 13, Issue 75 ()copyright 2007)

  • QM

    Frosted Cupcakes in Quilters Newsletter!

    Have you seen the August/Sept issue of Quilters Newsletter yet? You’ll find an special project from EQ’s own Margaret Okuley. We restored a beautiful old quilt into a fresh new replica using EQ7. Pick up your copy of Quilters Newsletter today to get this pattern. Great job, Margaret!

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    Penny tells the future – February 2010

    Editor, EQ the Mouse, was browsing through the Best of Quilters Newsletter software (discontinued) and found an article from 16 years ago in which Penny attempts to predict the future of quilting. Mr. Mouse thought it appropriate to share the article since it is now 2010 and that is the year Penny was predicting in her November 1994 article from Quilters Newsletter Magazine. Reflections on Quiltmaking’s Future…

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    Quilter’s Champion from AQS

    “She hasn’t made a quilt she’d like to show you, she quit teaching after only two years, and she would rather the spotlight be on others. Even so, Penny McMorris is one of today’s most recognized and respected quilting champions.” ~ Taken Frm Quilter’s Champion written by AQS. Click the link to visit the AQS site where they have provided a free downloadable PDF of this article. Enjoy!

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    Quiltmaker Jan | Feb Issue: EQ’s Schoolhouse Quilt PLUS Free Download!

    In the Jan | Feb issue of Quiltmaker you will find a schoolhouse quilt inspired by an antique schoolhouse quilt that we updated using EQ7. We like taking some antique quilts that Penny owns and updating them with fresh fabrics and modern quilting techniques in EQ7. We had updated this schoolhouse antique quilt and then sent them to Quiltmaker where they made yet ANOTHER version of this…