I set out to create a block using only arcs.  I loved the way it turned out.  Then I colored it with my favorite colorway:  pinks and chocolates and exported it into MS Paint.  After clipping and resizing it, I saved it as a jpeg then imported it back into EQ as a fabric.  The blocks using it as a fabric are the ones that start in the upper left corner.  The block pattern to the right of that one is a tilted kaleidoscope of the original block.  The border is made of the same kaleidoscope blocks with only the cornerstones being tilted.  The process to achieve this all tokk only about 15 minutes and I had never done the export/import thng before.  Although I’m quite pleased with the final look, I would never, ever make that border in real life as the pieces would be miniscule and my old eyes would never survive the project.  LOL

Ft. Wayne, IN, USA