In one of Barb’s classes she gave a paper handout with instructions on using a half square triangle from one of the On Point Medallion layouts under By Style in the Quilt Library and to copy it and paste it in a saved quilt design on the Custom set Worktable.The half square triangles work well as quick set blocks along the quilt’s edge for flling in spaces made when the blocks are set on point in Custom set.
Barb’s class was fun and she loves seeing her student’s having the ‘light bulb’ moment’s when she talks about everyone’s ‘ah ha’ moments we have when things fall into place. Dave was there and looked after everyone questions and handled any ‘pc goblins and lunacies’ that cropped up.
Wishing Barb happiness and blessings.She’s got lot’s of friends who are wishing her the same and eager students who love her classes where she shares generously…and also where she answers questions in the Info-eq digest the Electric Quilt software_Yahoo group and it goes with the territory many other places as well. A big thanks for everything Barb.

C Campbell
Co. Meath, Ireland .