I created this design as a tribute to Scottish singer-songwriter George Donaldson who sadly passed away in March.
In addition to his musical prowess George had a special gift of being able to make everyone in the audience feel that he was singing directly to them in both his intimate pub solo gigs and when performing in large concert venues with Celtic Thunder.
Thank you George for all the joyeous,emotional,thought-provoking and uplifting music you shared with us all.

Design is based on a Vertical Strip layout. The plaid fabric is the MacDonald clan tartan, the blue and white are for the Scottish flag and the red ribbons pay homage to both “Scarlet Ribbons” which he performed in his last CT tour and to Heart Disease Awareness.

The appliqués for George’s Guitar, the Celtic Heart and the White Rose (George’s fan symbol taken from his wonderful first solo CD “The White Rose”) were drawn in PatchDraw.
Ridgefield, NJ