Author, designer, and teacher, Sandi Blackwell does!

I have been using Electric Quilt since EQ3 when I started my custom-order quilt business.  It was the easiest way to show clients what their quilts would look like and give them a choice of designs.

Over the last 25 years I have become an author, designer, speaker, and teacher. I have traveled all over the country and internationally teaching quilting.  I design quilts for fabric companies.

I have four books published with Landauer Publishing and dozens of patterns published utilizing my Square-agonals® technique; a simple, creative way to create on point quilts without cutting any corner or setting triangles, no math calculations, or sewing in diagonal rows.  I am also a Craftsy instructor and currently have two classes available at

None of this would have been possible without Electric Quilt at my side. Being an Electric Quilt Artist is a proud title! I will continue to publish, teach and design to maintain that title and continue my quilt career.

My relationship with EQ will go on and on and on!

Thank you EQ!


“I could never design and create all my quilt possibilities without Electric Quilt.  It is invaluable for teaching students, designing for my books, patterns, and Craftsy classes, and creating memories for clients.”

~ Sandi Blackwell

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