This wallhanging was designed using a Horizontal Strip Quilt layout alternating rows of foundation pieced blocks with plain strips containing autumn themed appliqué motifs set on Layer 2.

EQ Block Library pieced tree and house blocks used in strips 1 and 3 were modified slightly to fit the design. Most leaves – both falling and fallen in the other strips came from the EQ Block Library – Motifs.

I also created two blocks for the project – the Pumpkin & Gourd block was drawn in Patch Draw using basic shapes and to draw the Basket of Apples block I first imported a photo I had recently taken to use as a tracing image.

Several designs from the EQ Embroidery Library were placed on Layer 3 – pumpkins & apples amid the houses to echo the appliqué motifs in the bottom strip, a few leaves among the appliquéd ones for added variety and, sunflowers in corner blocks of the border.