This is a Christmas tree ornament.  For lack of more original names, I used the names from “Little Women” — the sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, their mother Marmee and everyone’s best boyfriend Laurie.

A 10.5″ block in EQ prints out to 2.25″.  Change the names and font, if desired, and set at a minus 45° angle in the space for the autograph.

To print:  On Layer 2, with the Select tool, hold down the shift key and click on every shape — the 6 blocks and the 6 assembly tabs.  Go to Print / Quilt / Page layout: landscape.  Preview and then print on cardstock.

To assemble:  Score every fold line (between blocks and also between the blocks and tabs).  Cut out and fold into a darling little cube.  Use a glue stick or double-sided tape to secure the tabs to the wrong side of the cardstock.  You won’t lose points if you mutter a curse or two in this last step.  Affix a ribbon loop at one corner and hang from the Christmas tree.

Can’t you just imagine the March sisters making these for their tree?  That’s without EQ, computers, ink jet printers .

Sunnyside, Washington