This is a placemat.  The autograph piece is sewn into the middle left block as usual using the same fabric that surrounds it, in this case, gold; however, as it is sewn together, an additional piece is added as follows:

Two additional autograph pieces are cut from two coordinating fabrics.

Those two pieces are then sewn together only along the long sides with right sides of the fabrics on the inside.

The sewn piece is then turned right side out and pressed.

This new piece is then sewn into the block on top of the gold autograph piece as it is pieced together, with one caveat…

Once the point on one end has been sewn into the block, the coordinating autograph piece is then twisted before sewing the opposite endof it into the block.

If twisted once, it will show both fabrics, one on each side of the twist.  If twisted twice, one fabric will only show at the center of the piece where the twist occurs, while both ends will show the other coordinating fabric..

The result is a 3-D piece that serves as a napkin ring.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA