In her hometown Judy Martin is known just as much for her cookies as she is for her quilts!

Judy says, “My cookie adventure started in 1999 when I was experimenting with recipes for my book, Cookies ’n’ Quilts. (My children recall that summer of cookie tasting and testing most fondly!) This recipe is one I developed more recently. I consider both cookies and quilts to be America’s quintessential comforts.”

We couldn’t agree more!

We apologize that there was a typo in the original recipe (the size to roll the dough into balls was too big). Please download the updated recipe above. If you did make the recipe as originally posted, you made the dough balls 2-3/4” (instead of 1-3/4), and you would just need to bake them longer.

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Let us know if you try the cookies. They sound delicious!