Everyone’s learning style is different. Some prefer handwritten steps, like a user manual or lesson book. Some prefer on-screen videos to watch a demonstration, then they repeat what they saw. Others like the immersive experience of a hands-on, in-person, live class.

We are proud to offer all three types of these educational opportunities for our customers.  :-)

EQ8 Lesson Books


EQ8 Reference Manual PDF (Free!)


EQ At Home online classes


EQ Academy in-person classes


For those of you who like the in-person experience, consider coming to our EQ Academy workshop this Spring in Ohio! We have dozens of students already enrolled from all over the U.S. (and Canada!). Think of all the friends you’ll make!

EQ Academy is held March 30-April 1 in northern Ohio. Though it makes for a fantastic weekend of learning, you don’t have to stay all three days. Come for just one or two classes to learn what you’re really interested in!

Several hotel options are available, local quilt shops are excited for you to visit, and our teachers are looking forward to helping you learn your EQ software!

Not sure what classes to take?

Check out these learning paths for guidance:

New to EQ8? Take the 2-day Getting Started class to learn all the fundamentals. If you want to stay additional days, jump into the borders and fabrics classes to take home extra skills on popular features!


Already took a beginner class? The 2-day Intermediate Techniques class is for you! Refresh all the basics and expand your knowledge of EQ8! If you want even more, stick around for the paper piecing and Serendipity classes!


Want to sharpen your skills? Take classes on specific topics to really master the tools you use most. Learn the ins and outs of every block style in our drawing classes and create unique quilts in the Non-Traditional Layouts class!


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Which way do you learn best? Tell us in the comments!