Thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s design challenge. Leather and Lace and Amazing Grace is a very special collection, and we were so moved to see all your designs and read the stories you so graciously shared. Designer Cathe Holden also expressed her sincere appreciation:

“My sincerest thanks to all who participated in the EQ Design Challenge featuring my ‘Leather & Lace and Amazing Grace’ collection. The entries were beautiful and touching and quite difficult to choose only 3. Reading through the descriptions and responses, I was so moved. My condolences to all who lost a precious one to cancer, and my hope for healing for all going through treatment and to those living with the difficult effects that follow.”  – Cathe Holden


Three winners were selected, each chosen by Cathe Holden. Congratulations to….

Winner 1: Amberlie Beenfield

“As I spent time viewing all the very beautiful submissions, I kept coming back to this one in particular- so pretty I’d love to not only display in my home but curl up under for comfort. The overall use of pattern and color placement emits light and kindness. The transparent and rounded-corner illusions are just lovely with both effects very soft on the eyes making the design both nostalgic and contemporary in style. Well done Amberlie!” – Cathe Holden

I loved how easily the fabric patterns flowed together with this quilt. They were all so different individually but complimented each other so perfectly. I feel like this quilt turned out very traditional, classy and modern all at the same time.
- Amberlie Beenfield

Winner 2: Gwen Lynn

“The lattice effect with “rays of hope” shining through is not only a spectacular effect but such an important metaphor. I love the wide blue border of the needlepoint floral cluster fabric and large shaped sections of gingham. Thank you, Gwen Lynn, for such a meaningful design, and I’m sorry for loss of your precious mother.” – Cathe Holden

Beautiful fabric to design a quilt sending rays of hope to all affected by breast cancer. My mother lost her battle, but always showed grace and strength as represented with the “leather and lace” fabric. – Gwen Lynn

Winner 3: Karen Pruett

“This square-shaped design with rounded sampler elements creates a look of whimsy and cheerfulness and would make such sweet wall hanging. It’s eclectic and interesting, and the diamond border is a wonderful finish. Such a pleasant design overall. Beautiful work Karen!” – Cathe Holden

I did a bit of a sampler as well, putting quarter blocks together to make circular design. It was fun to show four of the blocks in 2 colorways in the same quilt. There was so much great fabric to work with. I like the way the fabric looks like a lace overlay. – Karen Pruett

Thank you again to all who participated in this challenge. If you’re looking for another chance to win fabric, check out November’s design challenge and our new collaboration with the Quilts of Valor Foundation®!