It’s time for Block 7 in the BlockBase+ Sew Along! If you haven’t added your Block 6 to the link up yet, you can do so at any time in the Block 6 Link Up post.

Don’t have the BlockBase+ software yet? Find the BlockBase+ software here >

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In this post, we’re going to use the Save as PDF option available in the print preview window. Let’s get started!

  1. Double-click the BlockBase+ icon to open the software (close the Getting Started window, if you still see it when you open BB+).
  2. We’ll be working with block 2564 from the 14 Square in a Square > 11 Like The Radio Windmill section. Find the block however you’d like!

The Save as PDF option is available in all the print preview windows. It’s most useful for the Templates and Foundations print options where you can customize the printouts by moving and rotating pieces.

  1. In the Block Toolbar, click Print > Templates.
  2. In the Print Templates window, you can select the settings for your printout. I’ll be using the Default block size, as well as the default settings for all the other options. You can change any of these settings you’d like.
  3. Click the Preview button.
  4. In the print preview screen, check the box for 1″ Scale Square.
  5. Drag and rotate the templates in the preview for the best fit on the pages.
  6. Click the Save as PDF button.
  7. A Save window will appear. By default, the file will be named the Brackman ID. If you’d like to change it, you can type a new name.
  8. PDF files from BB+ are saved in this directory on your computer: Documents > My BlockBase Plus > PDFs. You can change the save location, if you’d like. (I’m using a Windows computer for these illustrations. If you’re using a Mac, your Save window will look a little different, but the default save location will be the same as Windows.)
  9. Click the Save button. A PDF file will be created of this templates printout.
  10. Click Close in the print preview, then click Close in the Print Templates window.
  11. Now, let’s take a look at where that PDF file was saved. On your computer (outside of the BlockBase+ software), navigate to your Documents folder.
  12. In your Documents folder, open the folder called My BlockBase Plus, then open the folder called PDFs.
  13. In the PDFs folder, you should see the the file we saved (along with any other PDFs you’ve saved from BB+).
  14. If you double-click on the PDF file, it will open in your PDF reader software. Whenever you print a PDF file, it’s very important to check the size settings before printing. Make sure Actual size or 100% is selected. Always a good idea to measure that 1″ square after printing too!

    The advantage of using the Save as PDF option to create a PDF file of the printout, rather than simply printing, is that you only have to do the work of moving and rotating the patches in the print preview once. If it’s a block that you think you’ll want to print over and over again, you can simply print from the PDF file and not go through the print preview steps each time.
  15. Close the PDF reader window, and the file explorer window, and go back to the BB+.
  16. Time to add this block to Favorites. With block 2564 still selected in the Block Viewer, click Add to Favorites in the Block Toolbar.
  17. At the top of the Navigation panel, click the Favorites button.
  18. Now you’ll see our seven Sew Along blocks in the Favorites view. If you want to come back later and print a different pattern for this block, you can quickly find it here in the Favorites.
  19. If you’re done working in BlockBase+, you can close the program by clicking the X at the top or clicking File > Quit BlockBase+.

Notes Before You Start Sewing:

  • You can make the block any size you like. I’m making this block at the default 12″ size.
  • You can be creative in your coloring of the block. Just keep the seams/patches in the same orientation as the BB+ block.
  • For help with any of the printouts, visit our support site.
  • There will be a new post here on the blog on Friday, July 2 where you can post a photo of your sewn 2564 block.


Let’s get to know each other in the comments! I love reading everyone’s comments! Here’s the question for this post:

Controversial topic this time! ;-) Do you always pre-wash your fabrics or never pre-wash before you start piecing? Or are you somewhere in between?

My answer: I have to admit that I rarely pre-wash my fabrics. It’s due to a combination of usually working with scraps, and impatience. When I’m ready to sew, I don’t want to take the time to pre-wash before I start!

Block 7 Video

The steps in the video are the same as the steps listed above. So you can follow the written steps above, or watch the video lesson for Block 7.