Welcome to the EQ8 Block Spotlight! Each month we highlight a block from the EQ8 Block Library with a few design ideas. Then we want you to show us what you can do with the block.

Whether you’re a brand new EQ8 user or a seasoned pro, come join in the fun!

This month’s block: Star Dahlia

Where to find it: 02 Contemporary Pieced > Spinning Suns

Design ideas to get you started

My first quilt uses a layout from the library. This is the first quilt in the Layouts by Style > Special Effects section. I like how I can create fancy layouts using pre-designed options from the library, without the work of building them from scratch on custom set!

The quilt below is a vertical strip layout. I alternated Pieced Blocks strips and Half Drop Blocks strips. The majority of the fabrics in the quilt are from the Songbook collection by Fancy That Design House for Moda. You can find these fabrics in the newest Stash download.

What would you design with the Star Dahlia block? Post a quilt or two in the comments below. It can be as simple or as complex as you’d like (it just has to use the featured block!).

If you’d like to to turn off the black outlines around the patches like I have in the quilts above, click the Hide/show quilt patch outlines button on the main toolbar before exporting your images. For more help with this feature, visit the Support site.

Export an Image of your Quilt

  1. On the Quilt Worktable, click the PRINT & EXPORT tab.
  2. Click Export in the ribbon.
  3. In the palette on the left, click Image.
  4. Type a name for your image and click the Save button. (Make sure you know where you’re saving the image on your computer. We recommend saving to your My EQ8 > Images folder.)

In the comment form below, tell us a little bit about your design and then click Browse to include the image of your quilt.