Note: Did you hear about the latest EQ8 Update? Be sure to update your EQ8 if you plan to purchase BlockBase+ that way you can use the BlockBase+ blocks in EQ8! Read instructions carefully. (Mac users – this update also fixes macOS Big Sur issues!)

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#10 – User-friendly Interface

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BlockBase+ was designed to be a very easy program to use. As soon as you open the software, you can see lots of colorful blocks. Look to the left side of the screen for the full Library and browse the block styles! You’ll find over 4,000+ pieced blocks from Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns organized into categories like Four Patch, Equal Nine Patch, Square in a Square, and more!

Just above the library, there are three buttons for navigating through BlockBase+. The first is the library, the second is for searching for blocks, and the third is for viewing blocks you’ve “favorited!” More info on that to come in a future post!

Across the top-right corner of the screen are your viewing options - one click and you can change how you see the blocks! Again, more info to come!

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If you look toward the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the information Barbara has gathered for whatever block you have selected, beginning with the Brackman ID number, default block size, what category the block is in, and characteristics of the block. The second column lists published block names. Click on a Published Name in the list to see Reference information. The same great information in the Encyclopedia is right here on screen!

Buttons for printing, exporting, and other fun tools are right above the block information. Stay tuned for more blog posts that will highlight those features!

Comparing BlockBase+ to the original BlockBase

BlockBase+ is a re-release of BlockBase software. The original version was on a disk and only worked on Windows computers. The CD version is still a great program, but we’ve made lots of improvements and added 161 new blocks to this new one, plus it’s compatible with Macs! The new user interface maximizes the block view so you can see more blocks on your screen at a time. We have also made it easier to view source information for each block without having to dig for it. Stay tuned to our BB+ Top Ten posts to hear more about what you can do with BlockBase+ software!

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What our beta testers are saying

“A really first class interpretation of the Encyclopedia.” – Lawrence D.

“I can access a huge selection of impeccably organized historic blocks… My world has just become limitless!” – Joyce D.

“This is the first time I really used BlockBase and I’m very impressed. It’s quick, complete and very easy to learn.” – Mike S.