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Before getting started, keep in mind any of the images can be viewed larger by clicking on them.
Also, you don’t have the make the quilt exactly as shown, have fun and make it your own!

This month we are making a custom set quilt….all of these quilts are just different blocks in the same layout. It just depends on how you want to use the Custom Set Layout we build.

Let’s get started!

1. Click Quilt Worktable

2. Click Custom Set

3. Click the Design tab

4. Click Block Tools

5. Click Set Block

6.Right click on the empty space in the block palette and choose Add Plain Block

7. Click the Layout tab

8. Make the quilt center 24 x 24

9. Click the Design tab (it should still be on Block Tools and Set Block, but if not click on those)

10. Click on the Plain Block and drag it onto the quilt

11. Click the Adjust tool

Input this information:
Block Width and Height: 8 (that controls the size of the block)

X- Axis and Y-Axis: 0 (controls the location of the block)

Grid Snap Options: Make sure they are all turned on (that will make it easy for everything to snap into place) Read more about grid snapping options HERE.

Grid Snap Increments: 1 (that controls where your block snaps to)

12. Use Copy and Paste to set two more blocks. You should be able to snap them right into place but here is the axis information if you’d rather do it that way:

Second block
X- Axis and Y-Axis: 8

Third block
X- Axis and Y-Axis: 16

13. Drag another Plain block onto your quilt.

Input this information:
Block Width and Height: 4
X- Axis: 0
Y-Axis: 8

14. Copy and Paste that block to make a layout that looks like this:

15. Drag another Plain block onto your quilt. Input this information:
Block Width: 8
Block Height: 4
X- Axis: 12
Y-Axis: 0

16. Copy and Paste the rectangle block

17. Under Block Rotation type in 90
Then input this information:
Block Width: 8
Block Height: 4
X- Axis: 24
Y-Axis: 4

18. Fill in that last two spots using Copy and Paste.

Your layout is done!

Click Add to Project Sketchbook
If you haven’t named your project yet, EQ8 will prompt you to do so. (To be saved your item needs to be in the Sketchbook AND your project needs to be named.)

19. Click Set Block tool. Click on a block in your palette and click on the Plain Block on the quilt.

Use any blocks you want and have fun seeing what you like in this layout!

You can rotate blocks, keep blocks plain, draw your own blocks, whatever you want!

All of these quilts are done with the same layout, just different blocks!

This was just made with default blocks, recolored.

Made with blocks from 03 Foundation Pieced – Coffee & Tea

Made with the Orange Peel block and Stencils

Made with blocks from 05 Contemporary Applique – Jungle Animals and the Applique text tool

20. Be sure to Add to Project Sketchbook 

21. If you would like to post your quilt below, click the Print & Export tab. You can also click the Hide/show quilt patch lines tool, if you prefer your quilt without lines.

22. Click Export and then click Image

23. Name your file and click Save (in Documents\My EQ8\Images)

24. To post your image click to comment on this post. Fill in your info and then click Browse.  Go to: Documents\My EQ8\Images

25. Also, we have a DoYouEQ Facebook page where you can share images of any quilt you design and see quilts other users have made! If you would like to share your quilt(s) to Facebook page, click the Facebook button.

It may ask you to sign in.
If you want to share it to the DoYouEQ Facebook page make sure to check the box.

You can also post to your personal Facebook page by clicking the “Post to my Facebook Page” button.

I can’t wait to see your quilts! I hope you enjoyed the lesson!

If you have questions about the lesson feel free to post them below.
If you have questions about something else EQ related, please contact techsupport@electricquilt.com.