Amy Friend, one of the EQ Ambassadors, sent us a few of the quilts from her new book Improv Paper Piecing. I was excited when they came in because they are all super colorful! I also really like the names of her quilts. I never knew that catawampus was an actual word; I always thought it was just something that a couple people in my family came up with to say that something was a little off kilter. :lol:  Amy’s quilts are incredibly unique, which makes them even more amazing!

Photographing Amy’s quilts was a lot of fun. We went to two different parks in the area. One of the parks was where we photographed Lori Miller’s quilts. It was amazing to see all the different flowers that were blooming this time around. Take a look at a few of the pictures we took!

Peacock Crossing – Amy Friend of During Quiet Time

Luminous - Amy Friend of During Quiet Time

Catawampus - Amy Friend of During Quiet Time

Flitter - Amy Friend of During Quiet Time

Love these quilts? She also designed a fabric line to go with her book, you can download and add those fabrics to your EQ7 fabric library here! Look for Amy’s quilts in upcoming social media posts!