A few weeks ago we had a selection of Lori Miller’s quilts. We thought that the elements at a local community garden would compliment Lori’s work. Outdoor photo shoots are a blast. There are so many places to explore and there will always be something new.

Have you ever taken some photographs and thought they were great until you got home and looked at them on your computer? Outdoor photo shoots are a lot of fun, but can also be tricky.  The week we had the quilts, it was either sunny or pouring rain, so we had a lot of trial and error to get good shots of her quilts.

Ideal photography weather is overcast because there isn’t too much light causing harsh shadows. If it’s really sunny, I usually try to find as many shaded areas as I can and use those areas for my photos. As the day goes on and the sun moves, the shaded areas change, giving me more places to take pictures!

With some work, we were able to photograph Lori’s quilts and show all of their beauty!

Check out the final photos below!

Infinity Mini Quilt – Lori Miller Designs

Lori created this mini quilt to match her full sized Infinity quilt. She designed both in EQ7. This quilt was featured in last year’s Spring Modern Quilts Unlimited. She quilted the incredible feathers herself! Take a look at how she created these quilts.

Liberty Quilt of Valor – Lori Miller Designs

Do you love this quilt? I sure do! Follow her tutorial and make your own!

Winter Icicles – Lori Miller Designs

These different sized Flying Geese create a modern feel. Check out her EQ Mini tutorial for this quilt!

Sweetheart Quilted Zip Pouch – Lori Miller Designs

She has a great tutorial on how to design and create this adorable bag!

Poinsettia Pop Throw Quilt – Lori Miller Designs

This quilt was designed to be a cheery winter time quilt. I think it is successful in that. One of the best parts of Christmas is having fresh Poinsettias around the house! Read more about Lori’s Quilt.

Summer Harvest – Lori Miller Designs

This quilt is super creative. Lori walks through the creation process of Summer Harvest on her blog. While you’re there, check out the back on this quilt. It’s as cool as the front!

Mini Mitten Coasters – Lori Miller Designs

These adorable mini quilts are made to be coasters. See how she made them here.

Clockwise Pillow – Lori Miller Designs

This pillow is so bright and cheerful. Check out her post about the Clockwise Pillow.

Watch for more of Lori’s quilts in upcoming emails and social media posts! For more information about Lori and her quilts, visit her website here.