1. Click QUILT > New Quilt > On Point.
  2. Click the Layout tab.Under Select a style choose the layout style on the right.
    Number of blocks:
    Horizontal – your choice
    Vertical – 1
    Block size: Your choice.
  3. Click the Borders tab.
  4. Click Delete to delete the border.
  5. Click the Layer 1 tab.
  6. Click Libraries > Block Library. Select any block you would like and click Add to Sketchbook and Close.
  7. Click the Set Block tool. Set blocks into the whole block spaces in your quilt.
  8. Click Layer 2.Now you’re going to set a block, then size, move and rotate it so it fits right over one of your end triangles, sticking out beyond the quilt. This will create the pointed end.
  9. Click VIEW > Graph Pad, and make sure Graph Pad is checked. That puts this bar along the top of your screen.
  10. Click the Set Block tool and click to select the block you want to set.
  11. Point to your table runner, hold down your keyboard SHIFT key, and drag the mouse on the table runner. You’ll see a box form. Release the mouse and the selected block pops from the palette onto your quilt.
  12. Click the Adjust  tool.
  13. On the Graph Pad, use the size number boxes to make the block the size you want.
    Type 45 next to the rotation arrow to put the block on point.
  14. Drag the rotated block from the center to fit it where it should on either end of your runner.
    If your blocks are getting cut off make sure to have Do Not Clip selected.
  15. While the block is still selected, click EDIT > Copy > EDIT > Paste.
  16. Drag the copy to the other end of your table runner.
  17. Use the graph pad to place the end blocks, if needed.

    Tip: Remember which layer you set blocks on. To do anything to blocks inside your runner, such as recolor, you must be on Layer 1. To do anything to the blocks at either end of your runner, you must be on Layer 2.

    We are here to help! If you have questions about this, or anything else please contact tech support.