Sashing can be one of the key features of your quilt. Keep in mind, you can only add sashing to Horizontal, On-point and Variable Point layouts.

Start with a quilt on the worktable.

Click the Layout tab at the bottom of the worktable.

In the Layout palette, use the sliders to change the size of the sashing.

Click the Layer 1 tab. You can now add color to your sashing using a coloring tool, or even try different block settings in the sashing using the Set Block  tool.

To draw your own sash blocks, draw them in a rectangle the size of your sash. To do this, click BLOCK > Drawing Board Setup. Change the size to 12″ x 2″ or whatever size fits your sash. Your newly drawn sash block will appear square in the Sketchbook, but will look perfect when set it into the sash spaces on the quilt. (Half the blocks may need rotating.)
If you have questions about this, or anything else, please contact tech support and we will be happy to help!