The grand prize giveaway is now closed. Winners have been announced! See who won here.


It’s finally here… it’s what we’ve been looking forward to all year long: Our 25th Anniversary Grand Prize Giveaway!! :lol:

A quick recap

All year long, we’ve been celebrating our 25th Anniversary of being in business. With the help of our awesome sponsors, we’ve given away lots of great prizes in our monthly blog contests. If you entered into any of these contests, then you were entered into the Grand Prize Giveaway! There were 11 monthly contests (January-November) thus giving you 11 possible entries toward the Grand Prizes.

If you missed the contests, you can submit a video as a bonus entry if you’d like.  You can still do this until Monday, December 5th at 9am EST. Click here to submit a video.


In case you haven’t seen the prizes yet, here they are…

1st Place Prize:


1st Place Prize includes $500 cash, a brand new laptop, EQ software, books and printable fabric, EQ tote and t-shirt, LOADS of fabric, gift card, thread, a pillow, a quilt, patterns and other notions.

2nd Place Prize:


2nd Place Prize includes $300 cash, EQ software, EQ tote and t-shirt, lots of fabric, thread books, batting scissors and notions.

3rd Place Prize:


3rd Place Prize includes $200 cash, EQ software, EQ tote and t-shirt, fabric, books, patterns and notions.


1 winner for each of the top 3 prizes will be chosen at random on Monday, December 5th.
25 other lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win a fabric bundle donated by our sponsors.

Remember: If you’ve participated in any of our monthly blog contests, you’ve entered. If you want to submit a bonus entry video, you can up until 9am EST Monday, December 5th. Click here to submit a bonus entry.

We’ll announce the winners’ names on our blog. Stay tuned and good luck! :-D


A very special thank you to the following sponsors who have helped us celebrate our 25th Anniversary:

EQ25 Sponsors

Official Contest Rules can be found here.