Spotted in the May/June issue of Love of Quilting magazine:

Deb's Quilt in Love of Quilting Magazine

Another beautiful quilt designed in EQ7! Read about Deborah Kalenty and her Patriotic Cosmic Stars quilt:

EQ: Congrats on being in the newest issue of Love of Quilting Magazine! Your Patriotic Cosmic Stars quilt is beautiful! How does it feel to see YOUR design in a magazine?
Deborah: It always feels very nice—exciting! I’ve had a few projects published over the years and it always feels gratifying.

EQ: Tell us a bit about yourself, Deborah.
Deborah: I’ve been quilting for 27 years; I started my business: Quilter’s Obsession in 2005—initially as an online web store. Then I began vending at quilt shows about a year later. I earned an Instructors Certification from Studio 180 Designs two years ago and have been teaching and lecturing since then.
About me personally, I’m happily married for over 20 years, with two children; we live in a rural area of Central New Jersey. I have a BS in Accounting; worked in the corporate world before having my children and becoming a stay-at-home Mom when my children were small.

EQ: What was the inspiration behind this quilt?
Deborah: The shapes involved! Using the Studio 180 Design Split Rect tool to create the units within the block and then playing with all the design possibilities. This tool allows you to cut these shapes starting from a strip of fabric (they are initially cut slightly oversized), then chain piecing the units together, pressing and finally trimming down to precision.

Patriotic Cosmic Stars in EQ7

Patriotic Cosmic Stars in EQ7

EQ: Describe your design process.
Deborah: I enjoy playing with shapes and creating blocks using various shapes and colors. In this case it is the ‘split rectangle’—similar to a half square triangle, but rectangular instead of square.  After playing with this ‘split rect’ unit, and finding a block design that I was happy with, I then played with colors.  My first attempt was yellow, pink and black.  Since the design worked best with three colors, I then tried, red, white and blue. After finalizing the placement of the colors within the block design, I moved on to quilt layout.
First I tried a traditional straight set block and sashing layout (pictured below). Then on-point blocks with sashing (pictured below). Then I removed the sashing and immediately LOVED the results (pictured right).  This layout added so much more interest and a secondary design! I knew I was on to something then! Finally, I added the borders to properly ‘frame’ and complement the quilt center.
At first I showed a few friends who all loved it. Then I submitted to Fons & Porter who quickly requested permission to publish it.

EQ: How long have you been using Electric Quilt software and what made you decide to try it?
Deborah: I learned the basics of EQ many years ago. Then was unable to use it for many years when I began using a MAC and the software was unavailable in this format. When EQ became available for MAC, I was thrilled!  I’m ‘relearning’ the software again and enjoy ‘playing’ with different design possibilities!

Variations in EQ7 (with sashing)

Variations in EQ7 (with sashing)

EQ: How did you learn to use the software?
Deborah: For the most part, through trial and error. I’m still a novice and hope to improve my skills in the future.

EQ: Has EQ changed your designing abilities?
Deborah: Yes! Quilts are all about shapes! I LOVE using Studio 180 Design tools and creating shaped (‘units’) such as half square triangles, quarter square triangles, Flying Geese, V-Block units, Square Squared units, Corner Beam units, Diamond Rectangles, Hunter’s and Leymoyne Stars…etc. Working with all these various units/shapes and combining them into various block configurations. My favorite part is seeing combinations of different blocks within a quilt layout, then changing the layout with/without sashings; straight set or on-point. More often, on point designs turn out to be my favorite because of the added visual interest.

EQ: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Deborah. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you, your quilt or your design process?
Deborah: Please visit my website ( to join my newsletter group, or like me on Facebook. I always advertise new designs, pattern, lectures or classes that I’m teaching in my newsletter or on Facebook.
If you would like to contact me to schedule a lecture or workshop, please email me at: